A Short History in the Life Of Casper Gubler

    by Casper Gubler (four years prior to his death)

Born in Muellheim, St. Thurgau, Switzerland, August 1, 1835. My parents, Henry and Marguerita Gubler died when I was about 15 years old, when I felt my birth place was no longer a home for me. I traveled 50 miles on foot to Zurich, where I had a brother and sister there. I found work in a silk and wool factory, and I worked there for one year. After than I went to work and learned the joiner and cabinet work, where I worked as an apprentice for three years. In that time I got in with some Mormon Elders and in due time was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the month of Aug. 1854. And soon after received the priesthood. I was ordained a teacher which office I held for many years.
After about three years I took leave and said goodbye to old Switzerland. I emigrated to Utah. A part of the journey only 1300 miles was made with handcarts fro Iowa to Salt Lake. A tedious journey it was. I arrived in September 1857, well worn out from the hardships on the plains. The times we got to Utah was troublesome. The Johnson's Army was stationed there in 1858. Indian trouble in every way, to get work was hard.
In 1861 I was called by Brigham Young with many others to open a mission in Southern Utah, (called now Dixie). There I made my home and stayed there ever since over 50 years.
I am a pioneer of Utah and Dixie both. I held the offices of the Church all but one, a deacon. I went o a mission in 1888 and 1889 to Europe, Switzerland and Germany. I held several offices: Teacher of Ward for 30 years under Bishop Bunker and Marius Ensign; a Sunday School teacher for 15 years; for 12 years President of.....

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